Procedure for Reserving Space at Sankofa UCC:

Click here for link to reserve space (using google forms):

Anyone can reserve the space in the church?

  1. Complete the space request form (electronic)
  2. Wait for approval – approval will include the time, space and who will open/close the church for the event
  3. Copies of approvals go to requester, ministry chair person, and those with keys

What information is needed when requesting space?

  1. Email address
  2. Name of meeting
  3. Time of event (beginning and end)
  4. Is this a recurring event?  If so, please describe
  5. How many people will attend?
  6. Where in the church do you plan to meet?
  7. Name of Requester
  8. Requester contact information?
  9. Ministry the event is for?
  10. Will you be bringing food?
  11. Other instructions/requests?

When space is requested?

  1. Event is approved by Connie, Pastor copied on all requests and approvals.  The assumption will be that it is generally approved, but the process ensures smooth scheduling and communication
  2. Those who have keys are notified of events to coordinate who opens and closes the building
  3. Connie will send a weekly calendar or text to those with keys as a reminder of what is needed during the week and who has agreed to providing access to the church
  4. Connie will notify the requestor of the approval and coordinate times to be able to get the church open
  5. Connie will add the information on the church calendar once approved


  1. We request that everyone always use the form.  We do not have any major conflicts now, but as we grow there will be numerous requests and to be fair a time stamp is included when the form is completed.
  2. As a courtesy to the team providing access to the building, those who are requesting space should do so with at least a 7-day advanced notice.  Sometimes this is not always possible but prayerfully it will become the norm
  3. We will aim for 24-hour turnaround to the requester that the space has been approved and who will handle the access to the church.